Summary of steps for coupling

19.1. Summary of steps for coupling#

  1. Compilation

    • Compile OASIS

    • Compile your models in coupled mode with the same compilers and netcdf libraries

  2. Namelists

    • Define the namelist for OASIS: namcouple

    • Check/edit the namelists and input files of the different models (CROCO=, WW3: ww3_grid.inp, ww3_shel.inp, WRF: namelist.input, MNH: EXSEG1.nam, TOY: TOYNAMELIST.nam)

  3. Restart files

    • Create restart files for the coupler

    • If you are coupling nested models to CROCO, create a cplmask file

    • Create restart/input files for the different models (see Preprocessing)

  4. Run

    • Launch the models simultaneously, e.g.:

      mpirun -np 4 wwatch : -np 4 crocox
  5. Outputs

    • Check logs and ouptuts, especially:

      • The debug.root.0? files

      • The model log files (e.g. croco.log)

      • If you have problems in your coupled run, first check the dimensions of the grids in all grid files (models grid files and OASIS grids and masks files)

The coupling tools provided with the model will perform steps 2-4. In the following tutorial, you will be guided through all the steps. First, you will try a simple coupling example to help you understand the coupling philosophy and steps to run a coupled simulation, then you can go to the advanced tutorial to perform coupled simulations using the provided coupling tools and scripts.