26.1.4. REALISTIC CONFIGURATION# Example of coastal configuration#

The VILAINE case is an example of a realistic coastal configuration taking into account :

  • Tidal circulation

  • Wet/dry areas

  • River outflows

  • Sediment dynamic with MUSTANG

The configuration is included in CROCO as a reference coastal case (see cppdefs.h)

  1. Set the environment

    source ~/croco_env.sh
  2. Create a configuration directory:

    mkdir $confs/VILAINE
  3. Copy the input files for compilation from croco sources:

    cd $confs/VILAINE
    cp $croco/OCEAN/cppdefs.h .
    cp $croco/OCEAN/param.h .
    cp $croco/OCEAN/jobcomp .
  4. Edit cppdefs.h for using BASIN case

    # define COASTAL
    # undef REGIONAL

    You can also explore the CPP options selected for VILAINE case.

    • which physical parametrizations ?

    • which advection schemes ?

    You can check the VILAINE settings in param.h:

    • Dimension of the grid ?

    • Number of vertical levels ?

  5. Edit the compilation script jobcomp:

    see BASIN

  6. Get the inputs files for the run

    cp /home/datawork-croco/public/ftp/CONFIGS_EXAMPLES/VILAINE/croco.in .
    cp -r /home/datawork-croco/public/ftp/CONFIGS_EXAMPLES/VILAINE/CROCO_FILES .

    Take a look of the input files in CROCO_FILES and check if it’s filled out correctly in croco.in file

  7. Get the namelist for MUSTANG module

    cp -r /home/datawork-croco/public/ftp/CONFIGS_EXAMPLES/VILAINE/MUSTANG_NAMELIST .
  8. Compile the model in MPI with 28 cpus

    • Edit the param.h file to choose the number of cpus

    • Check if MPI is activated for the VILAINE case in cppdefs.h

      # define MPI
    • Get the compile batch script and compile

      cp $CROCO_DIR/batch_comp_datarmor .
      qsub batch_comp_datarmor
    • Get the run script to submit your job on Datarmor

      cp $CROCO_DIR/job_croco_mpi.pbs .
      qsub job_croco_mpi.pbs
  9. Assign a new fill value to land mask cells

    • copy scalars.h

      cp $croco/OCEAN/scalars.h .
    • edit the file and replace spval

    • add CPP key FILLVAL in your cppdefs.h

      define FILLVAL
    • add this key in cppdefs.h` to not add bathymetry on wet dry cells

      define ZETA_DRY_IO Build a configuration from scratch#