Python tools for CROCO

17. Python tools for CROCO#

As an alternative to the matlab pre- and post-processing tools for CROCO (croco_tools) developed over the last 20 years, a python toolbox is under development. All the features present in croco_tools matlab are not available in this version.

These python tools bring together the methods of several users of the CROCO community but do not constitute a definitive toolbox. A new, more complete toolbox is under development by the CROCO team.

The temporary croco_pytools toolbox consists of:

  • *prepro*: a set of python routines, interface with fortran to process the grid and forcing files (initialization, open-boundary conditions, tides forcing, rivers forcing)

  • *croco_pyvisu*: a vizualisation GUI

  • *xcroco*: for analysis based on xarray and xgcm

The documentation for this toolbox is available at: