Manage coherently your configurations/developments with git

This step is dedicated to basic git usage to manage properly your source code and (potentially) interact with croco’s developers the croco’s repository is so far hosted at Inria (

  1. Request an access to croco’s gitlab

    go to URL
    click on the upright corner **register** tab
    then on the right side of the page on the highlight register
    confirm your registration with the mail you received
    go back
    log in
    search croco project
    select the croco projet and then ask for an access
  2. Once you get the access create your own local repository

    mkdir /homeX/datahome/login/croco/
    cd croco
    git init
    git clone
  3. List of all the available branches

    git branch -v -a
  4. Create your own local branch (tutu) from a given remote branch (toto)

    git checkout -b tutu remotes/origin/toto
  5. Get the status of the local repository

    git status
  6. Update of the branch named “toto” with the remote branch

    git pull origin dyneco_rec
  7. Toto

    git remote show origin
  8. Log

    git log