Coupling CROCO with other models

13. Coupling CROCO with other models#

CROCO is coupled to atmospheric and wave models through the OASIS-MCT (Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea-Ice-Soil, Model Coupling Toolkit) coupler developed by CERFACS (Toulouse, France). This coupler allows the atmospheric, oceanic, and wave models to run at the s ame time in parallel, it exchanges variables, and performs grid interpolations and time transformations if requested. OASIS is not an executable file, but a set of libraries providing functions which are called in the models themselves. The variables exchanged by the coupler, as well as the grid interpolations are specified through a namelist file (called namcouple).

CROCO can therefore be coupled to any code in which OASIS-MCT is implemented. Non-exhaustively, here are some models including OASIS-MCT, that can be coupled to CROCO:

  • WRF (Weather Research and Forecast model developed at NCAR, Boulder, USA)

  • Meso-NH (Mesoscale Non-Hydrostatic model developed at Laboratoire d’Aérologie, Toulouse, France)

  • WW3 (WaveWatch III model developed at NCEP, USA, and Ifremer, France)

Those model are not provided for download with CROCO and need to be installed separately, as well as OASIS-MCT library.

A description of the OASIS-MCT features, its implementation in CROCO, WW3 and WRF codes, and the coupled variables that can be exchanged are given in the following.

Datailed step by step coupled tutorial is also available in the Tutorials section.

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