Philosophy of the croco_tools

7.2. Philosophy of the croco_tools#

  • 2 scripts are used to set-up your Matlab environment and your configuration settings:


useful paths for croco_tools Matlab scripts


namelist file for Matlab pre-processing

  • start.m: has to be launched at the beginning of any matlab session to set the path to utilities and croco tools routines. Edit mypath and myutilpath

  • crocotools_param.m: defines all the parameters and paths needed to build the grid, forcing and boundary files. Edit the different sections.


In the croco_tools toolbox, the native Matlab Netcdf library is not used. A dedicated Netcdf library is provided and used. Its path is added to your Matlab environment through the the start.m script.

  • Steps for creating a configuration are:

    • build the grid

    • build the atmospheric forcing (not necessary when coupling with an atmospheric model)

    • build the lateral boundary conditions (3D currents, temperature and salinity, barotropic currents, surface elevation)

    • build the initial conditions