Downloading CROCO

2.1. Downloading CROCO#

To perform a regional simulation using CROCO, the modeler needs:

  • the CROCO source code

  • the CROCO_TOOLS scripts, which are tools for pre- and post-processing

  • Datasets to create the input files:
    • grid

    • surface atmospheric forcing

    • oceanic boundaries and initialization

2.1.1. Source code#

CROCO and CROCO_TOOLS stable releases are available in the Download section:

They are available as tarball or can be checked-out using git. Follow instructions in the Download stable release section.

2.1.2. External datasets#

Some external datasets are needed by CROCO_TOOLS. Some of them, like bathymetry, tide atlas, atmospheric, oceanic and biogeochemical climatological datasets are directly available in the Datasets section as tarball archives.

CROCO_TOOLS also provide pre-processing scripts for the download and create interannual forcings as:

  • CFSR, ERA-interim, ERA5 … for atmospheric forcing

  • SODA and MERCATOR for the oceanic boundaries and initialization