2.1. Downloading CROCO

To perform a regional simulation using CROCO, the modeler needs:

  • the croco source code

  • the croco_tools scripts, which are tools for pre- and post-processing

  • some utilities for the croco_tools (additional libraries)

  • datasets to force the model at the boundaries, at the surface, and at the inital time

2.1.1. Source code

CROCO source code and croco_tools stable releases are available in the Download section of https://www.croco-ocean.org/croco-project/

Both are available for download in a compressed tar files. To install them:

tar -zxvf croco-v1.0.tar.gz
tar -zxvf croco_tools-v1.0.tar.gz

Also tar -zxvf all the climatological datasets

Check if fixes for reported bugs have been released on: https://www.croco-ocean.org/croco-project/. If there are some, download them and copy the routines in the appropriate directory.

Example at the date of 10th of July 2019:

cp analytical.F_fix17juin2019 croco-v1.0/OCEAN/analytical.F
cp get_psource_ts.F_fix04september2018 croco-v1.0/OCEAN/get_psource_ts.F
cp read_inp.F_fix30july2018 croco-v1.0/OCEAN/read_inp.F

cp check_domain_runoff.m_fix17juin2019 croco_tools-v1.0/Rivers/check_domain_runoff.m
cp make_runoff.m_fix17juin2019 croco_tools-v1.0/Rivers/make_runoff.m

2.1.2. Matlab utilities

For the Matlab toolbox, additional packages as m_map, air-sea, etc, are required (named UTILITIES).


UTILITIES are now provided directly within croco_tools, and do not need to be downloaded separately

Otherwise, (if the provided files are not working on your platform) they are avaiable for download here: https://www.croco-ocean.org/download/utilities/, or the user can download them on the original repositories:

  • the NetCDF Matlab Mex file is needed to read and write into NetCDF files and it can be found at the web location: http://mexcdf.sourceforge.net/.

  • The LoadDAP Matlab Mex file is used to download data from OpenDAP servers for inter-annual and forecast simulations. It can be found at the web location: http://www.opendap.org/download/ml-structs.html. The Matlab LoadDAP Mex file provides a way to read any OpenDAP-accessible data into Matlab. Note that the LibDAP library must be installed on your system before installing LoadDAP. Details can be found at the web location: http://www.opendap.org.

2.1.3. Forcing datasets

Finally, forcing datasets are required (initial, surface, and boundary conditions). Climatological global datasets are provided here: https://www.croco-ocean.org/download/datasets/

croco_tools also provide pre-processing scripts for the use of interannual datasets as:

  • CFSR, ERA-interim, … for atmospheric forcing

  • SODA, ECCO2, MERCATOR, … for the ocean boundaries and initialization