Getting other codes (coupling)

2.2. Getting other codes (coupling)#

  • OASIS coupler

To use CROCO in coupled mode (coupling with atmosphere and/or waves), OASIS3-MCT version 3 or later is required.


Older versions of OASIS do not include all the necessary functions as grid generation in parallel mode. If you want to use an older version, you need to create your,, and files first, and comment the call to cpl_prism_grids in cpl_prism_define.F

To download OASIS3-MCT, you need to register on OASIS website:

Then, you can download the code from the website or use the git repository:

git clone
  • WW3

WaveWatch3 is now hosted on github on a public repository: NOAA-EMC/WW3


Currently the coupling tools provided in croco are designed to work with the WW3 6.07.1 release plus some additional changes in a few coupled routines in WW3 which are provided in the croco/SCRIPTS/SCRIPTS_COUPLING/WW3_IN/modified_ftn directory. See readme_ww3_version in WW3_IN. More recent versions of WW3 contains these modifications, but as these more recent versions are currently not tagged as “releases”, we prefer to stick to the latest official release and just change these few modified routines.

You can clone the WW3 6.07.1 version with:

git clone --branch 6.07.1 --single-branch

And copy the modified routines:

cp ~/croco/croco/SCRIPTS/SCRIPTS_COUPLING/WW3_IN/modified_ftn/*.ftn  ~/ww3/model/ftn/.
  • WRF

Currently the distributed version of WRF does not include coupling with waves, and some other functionalities we have recently implemented. We therefore suggest to use the fork including modifications for coupling with WW3 and CROCO through the OASIS coupler, but note that this is a development version… wrf-croco/WRF

You can clone it with git :

git clone

A tag is available for using the up-to-date wrf-croco version.


If using older versions of the wrf-croco fork, you may encounter issues regarding a namelist variable named max_cpldom, which is present in the up-to-date version, but was inexistent in previous version (with older version, you should remove this variable from your namelist.input.base.complete file). We encourage to use the tagged up-to-date version.

Other versions of WRF are available here: wrf-model/WRF

  • WPS

WRF pre-processing system is also needed to prepare WRF configurations. It is available on the following github repository: wrf-model/WPS

You can clone it with git:

git clone

You need to use the same WPS version than the WRF version you use. Currenlty the WRF version on the WRF-CROCO fork is WRF4.2.1. You should therefore use the WPS 4.2 version. To do so, with git you can move to the appropriate tag:

cd WPS
git checkout tags/v4.2