1. System requirements#

1.1. Disk space#

CROCO and CROCO_TOOLS source codes require less than 500 MB of disk space. Climatological datasets, provided for regional configuration, require about 18 GB of disk space.

1.2. Compilers and Libraries#

CROCO uses Fortran routines as well as cpp-keys. The I/O are in netcdf. It therefore requires to have:

  • a C compiler

  • a Fortran compiler

  • a Netcdf library

  • MPI libraries and compilers if running in parallel

CROCO_TOOLS use Matlab, and Python scripts.

1.3. Environment variables#

A few environment variables for compilers and libraries should be declared to avoid issues when compiling and running CROCO. If you are using Intel compilers for instance, you should declare the followings (in your .bashrc file):

export CC=icc
export FC=ifort
export F90=ifort
export F77=ifort

For Netcdf, you should also declare your netcdf path, and add it to the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables. Here is an example:

export NETCDF=$HOME/softs/netcdf
export PATH=$NETCDF/bin:${PATH}


Common errors associated with Netcdf are usually solved by checking that Netcdf is correctly declared in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH