2. Model variables#

Model variables are defined in .h Fortran 77 files :

2.1. Domain variables (grid.h)#

grid.h : Environmental two-dimensional arrays associated with curvilinear horizontal coordinate system

h : Model topography (bottom depth [m] at RHO-points.)
dh : Topograhy increment in case of moving bathymetry
f : Coriolis parameter [1/s].
fomn : Compound term, f/[pm*pn] at RHO points.
angler : Angle [radians] between XI-axis and the direction to the EAST at RHO-points.

latr : Latitude (degrees_north) at RHO-, U-, and V-points.
lonr : Longitude (degrees_east) at RHO-, U-, and V-points.
xp : XI-coordinates [m] at PSI-points.
xr : XI-coordinates [m] at RHO-points.
yp : ETA-coordinates [m] at PSI-points.
yr : ETA-coordinates [m] at RHO-points.
pm : Coordinate transformation metric “m” [1/meters] associated with the differential distances in XI.
pn : Coordinate transformation metric “n” [1/meters]associated with the differential distances in ETA.
om_u : Grid spacing [meters] in the XI -direction at U-points.
om_v : Grid spacing [meters] in the XI -direction at V-points.
on_u : Grid spacing [meters] in the ETA-direction at U-points.
on_v : Grid spacing [meters] in the ETA-direction at V-points.
dmde : ETA-derivative of inverse metric factor “m”, d(1/M)/d(ETA).
dndx : XI-derivative of inverse metric factor “n”, d(1/N)/d(XI).
pmon_p : Compound term, pm/pn at PSI-points.
pmon_r : Compound term, pm/pn at RHO-points.
pmon_u : Compound term, pm/pn at U-points.
pnom_p : Compound term, pn/pm at PSI-points.
pnom_r : Compound term, pn/pm at RHO-points.
pnom_v : Compound term, pn/pm at V-points.
rmask : Land-sea masking arrays at RHO-,U-,V- and PSI-points (rmask,umask,vmask) = (0=Land, 1=Sea)
pmask : pmask=(0=Land, 1=Sea, 1-gamma2 =boundary).
reducu : reduction coefficient along x-axis for rivers sections
reducv : reduction coefficient along y-axis for rivers sections

2.2. Barotropic variables (ocean2d.h)#

ocean2d.h : 2D dynamical variables for fast mode

zeta,rzeta : Free surface elevation [m] and its time tendency;
ubar,rubar : Vertically integrated 2D velocity components in
vbar,rvbar : XI- and ETA-directions and their time tendencies;

2.3. Tri-dimensionnal variables (ocean3d.h)#

ocean3d.h : 3D tracers dynamical variables for baroclinic mode

u,v : 3D velocity components in XI- and ETA-directions
t : tracer array (temperature, salinity, passive tracers, sediment)
Hz : level thickness
z_r : depth at rho point
z_w : depth at w point
Huon : transport a U point
Hvon : transport at V point
We, Wi : vertical velocity (explicit, implicit)
rho : density anomaly
rho1 : potential density at 1 atm

2.4. Surface forcing (forces.h)#

forces.h :

Surface momemtum flux (wind stress) :

sustr : XI- and ETA-components of kinematic surface momentum flux
svstr : wind stresses) defined at horizontal U- and V-points.dimensioned as [m^2/s^2].

Bottom mometum flux :

bustr : XI- and ETA-components of kinematic bottom momentum flux
bvstr : (drag) defined at horizontal U- and V-points [m^2/s^2].!

Surface tracers fluxes :

stflx : Kinematic surface fluxes of tracer type variables at horizontal RHO-points. Physical dimensions [degC m/s] - temperature; [PSU m/s] - salinity.
dqdt : Kinematic surface net heat flux sensitivity to SST [m/s].
sst : Current sea surface temperature [degree Celsius].
dqdtg : Two-time-level grided data for net surface heat flux
sstg : sensitivity to SST grided data [Watts/m^2/Celsius] and sea surface temperature [degree Celsius].
dqdtp : Two-time-level point data for net surface heat flux
sstp : sensitivity to SST grided data [Watts/m^2/Celsius] and sea surface temperature [degree Celsius].
tsst : Time of sea surface temperature data.
sss : Current sea surface salinity [PSU].
tair : surface air temperature at 2m [degree Celsius].
wsp : wind speed at 10m [degree Celsius].
rhum : surface air relative humidity 2m [fraction]
prate : surface precipitation rate [cm day-1]
radlw : net terrestrial longwave radiation [Watts meter-2]
radsw : net solar shortwave radiation [Watts meter-2]
patm2d : atmospheric pressure above mean seal level
paref : reference pressure to compute inverse barometer effect
srflx : Kinematic surface shortwave solar radiation flux [degC m/s] at horizontal RHO-points

Wind induced waves everything is defined at rho-point :

wfrq : wind-induced wave frequency [rad/s]
uorb : xi-component of wave-induced bed orbital velocity [m/s]
vorb : eta-component of wave-induced bed orbital velocity [m/s]
wdrx : cosine of wave direction [non dimension]
wdre : sine of wave direction [non dimension]
whrm : (RMS) wave height (twice the wave amplitude) [m]
wepb : breaking dissipation rate (epsilon_b term) [m3/s3]
wepd : frictional dissipation rate (epsilon_d term) [m3/s3]
wepr :roller dissipation rate (epsilon_r term) [m3/s3]
wbst : frictional dissipation stress (e_d k/sigma) [m2/s2]

Wave averaged quantities :

brk2dx : xi-direciton 2D breaking dissipation (rho)
brk2de : eta-direction 2D breaking dissipation (rho)
frc2dx : xi-direciton 2D frictional dissipation (rho)
frc2de : eta-direction 2D frictional dissipation (rho)
ust2d : xi-direciton Stokes transport (u-point)
vst2d : eta-direciton Stokes transport (v-point)
sup : quasi-static wave set-up (rho-point)
calP : pressure correction term (rho-point)
Kapsrf : Bernoulli head terrm at the surface (rho-point)
brk3dx : xi-direciton 3D breaking dissipation (rho)
brk3de : eta-direction 3D breaking dissipation (rho)
ust : xi-direciton 3D Stokes drift velocity (u-point)
vst : eta-direciton 3D Stokes drift velocity (v-point)
wst : vertical 3D Stokes drift velocity (rho-point)
Kappa : 3D Bernoulli head term (rho-point)
kvf : vertical vortex force term (K term, 3D, rho-point)
Akb : breaking-wave-induced additional diffusivity (w-point)
Akw : wave-induced additional diffusivity (rho-point)
E_pre : previous time-step value for Akw estimation (rho)
frc3dx : xi-direciton 3D frictional dissipation (rho)
frc3de : eta-direction 3D frictional dissipation (rho)