22.2. TIPS for errors at runntime

22.2.1. Tips in case of BLOW UP or ERROR

  • Check your time steps

  • Eventually increase NDTFAST and/or decrease the baroclinic time step

  • Check the location of your boundaries (in particular if your blow up point is located close to them): it should not be placed on a too strong topographic gradient, or coastline particular shape (it is usually better to have a boundary normally crossing the coastline)

  • Check the thickness and value of the sponge

22.2.2. Others possible errors

  • If at runtime you got an error in reading bathymetry variable H (code -57)

    you may ask for too many cpus in MPI compared to the size of your grid
  • XIOS


    The output time step in XIOS must be a multiple of the 3D time step in croco