21. Realistic coastal configuration


This part is only given as an example of coastal configuration (resolution ~500m) in macro tidal environment. So you have an example of which set of cpp keys to use

All inputs files (both source code, inputs text files and forcing netcdf files) can be found there :


Here we describe a coastal configuration in bay of Seine (dx,dy=500m) with realistic forcing fields :

  • Grid : 481*181 and 20 vertical levels with bathymetry from SHOM (HOMONIM MNT)


In shallow water conditions with Wetting and Drying meshes, vertical sigma coordinates should be equally spaced (no refinement on bottom to avoid too small layers). To do so, put critical depth hc in croco.in to a big value (let’s say 1e16)

  • Schematic river canal for the Seine river : The resolution of the meshes is locally refined in this canal to take into account a the section reduction based on 500m grid size

  • Tidal forcing from PREVIMER atlas (700m resolution with both elevation and velocity)

    • 16 waves : M2 N2 S2 K2 2N2 O1 K1 Q1 P1 M4 MS4 MN4 MK4 M6

    • Harmonic composition with MAS (Simon-SHOM) method for elevation (no need to compute wave arguments in pre-processing)

  • Realistic 3D open boundary conditions (T,S) from a 2.5km grid-mesh regional model

  • Online atmospheric forcing from METEO-FRANCE

    • Bulk flux with Fairall formulation

    • Atm pressure gradient taken into account in the equations

    • Inverse barometer effect from atm pressure : correction added to ssh from harmonic composition at OBC

  • River inputs : realistic time series for outflow,temperature and salinity of 9 sources

  • Physics

    • Wetting and drying scheme

    • High order advection scheme WENO5 on both horizontal and vertical dimensions for momentum and tracers

    • Bartropic and baroclinic coupling with M2_FILTER_NONE option and with myalpha=0.3

    • Vertical turbulent fluxes from GLS (k-epsilon)